Beautiful, Affordable Senior Living Properties

On the Shores of Baja, Mexico

The cost of living in continuing care communities for seniors is out of reach for many in America. One affordable solution to this is Baja, Mexico. Imagine a beautiful place, with ocean views, where your loved one can enjoy their golden years in comfort and safety. Great food, great care and peace and tranquility.

Cost Comparison for Senior Living Properties

The average cost for long term care in the US is $8,000 per month or $96,000 per year. In Mexico the same level of care, comfort and safety can be delivered for $4,000 per month. A savings of about $50,000 per year. Yes it's true not everyone will be comfortable coming to Mexico but consider this, we are offering a beautiful facility next to the ocean with great weather and services for a price that can save our clients thousands of dollars every year. There is substantial evidence that many people would take advantage of this.

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Why Baja, Mexico?

The facility will be in Santa Rosalia, located in mid-Baja, one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is a small city, 550 miles from the border. The people are warm and friendly, and there is no violence here.

  • The climate and scenery is awesome
  • Long-term care at a fraction of the cost
  • Small town—safe and friendly

About Our Development

The land for the project is in The Cove Community real estate development, on the Gulf of California www.thecovecommunity.com.There’s a thriving ex-pat community here and many services nearby.

This is where our new sea side senior care resort will be built. The land is ready; the infrastructure is already in place. One possibility is to build a 20 residential unit facility. This type of facility would produce a 30% ROI per year plus the potential appreciation. There are many possibilites and I am open to all ideas. Interested in the possibilities? Let's talk.

Interested in more information about a wonderful new facility? Contact us—we are interested in your questions and suggestions.

Investors & JV Partners

This is an opportunity to invest in real estate in Baja, Mexico. You can own a part of a beautiful Sea Side Senior Care Resort while prices on land and construction are still low. There is great potential for growth and appreciation while receiving a 30% return on your investment per year.

The Possibilities

Senior health care in Mexico is happening right now and will continue to grow with the aging population in the US and Mexico. Attention US investors: Projects like this can be owned and controlled by a US company. Foreigners can own a Mexican Corporation and control the project.

I am a real estate developer who has lived and done business in Mexico for almost 8 years. If the potential for providing senior health care to an aging population interests you, call me.


For more information and an interesting conversation on the future of senior care in Baja, Mexico, contact George Wade at:

Toll Free: (800) 409-6320
Email: coveproject1@cs.com

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